Casa Azimute

A week in Casa Azimute

Before arriving at Casa Azimute, we will send you the digital guide ‘Uma semana na Casa Azimute’, ‘A week in Casa Azimute’. It is certain that you will not get bored here: from city trips and hikes, via wine tastings and aquatic fun to enjoying the beautiful starry sky in complete peace.

City trips 

The authentic and historic cities in the area invite you to explore them. Get lost in the romantic streets, sniff the culture and visit the beautiful monuments. Do not forget to taste the gastronomy during your visit. Why not take a look at the items ‘Estremoz’ and ‘In the area’ on this website right now? The guide ‘A week in Casa Azimute’, which you will receive before arriving, will concretely put you on the right track.

Wine tasting 

The Alentejo has an abundance of wine domains (adegas), from classical to contemporary. You can discover the unique tastes of these powerful wines everywhere. We are happy to inform you about the wine domains in the area and their varied programmes.


During a hike through our domain, you are treated to the beautiful sights of the area: from Estremoz via the Serra d’Ossa to Evoramonte. For those who want to walk more, various hiking possibilities are available in the area. At a slower pace, the area reveals all its secrets to you.
The excellent roads and the varied hillside landscapes invite you to an active trip by mountain bike or bicycle.
For those who like to picnic on the way, we are happy to offer a picnic basket.

Marble quarries

Visit the marble quarries in the area. Deep within the earth, this white gold is won: an impressive experience.

Watersports and waterfun

Around the Alqueva lake (at 50 min. from Casa Azimute), various water sports are available. The largest reservoir of Europe has a jagged water line and the nature surrounding it is unspoilt. In the area (at 30 min. from Casa Azimute), several natural and artificial aquaparks are located, perfect for a day of aquatic fun.


The western coast of the Alentejo (at 1h30 from Casa Azimute) caters to everyone: the white beaches invite relaxation and you can make a dolphin trip nearby. The fierce cliffs in the south form a beautiful picture for a walk in endless time.


Do you want to relax during your stay in Casa Azimute? Enjoy a wonderful massage in our relaxation room and feel as reborn.

Dark Sky

The beautiful clear skies of the Alentejo are among the best places for stargazing. The first ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ or ‘Starlight Tourism Destination’ was established around the Alqueva lake. During 286 nights per year, the sky opens up to you in all its beauty. One room and the two suites are already equipped with an outside bed so that you can enjoy this to its fullest.

Bird spotting

The beautiful natural frame is a paradise for bird spotters. During their migration between north and south, many bird species often rest in this region.


The region is rich in events and traditions that offer the area with even more colour and character. We are happy to provide you with information so that you can also enjoy these during your visit.

Hot air balloon rides

Discover the unique landscape of Alentejo from the sky during a hot air balloon ride. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine in the morning and see how the city and countryside awake in all their authenticity and simplicity. A unique experience.