Casa Azimute


Monte dos Santos is the name of our domain, located near the historic centre of the city Estremoz. Its 28 hectares offer a very diverse landscape filled with history.
Testimonies to this history are the ruins of 2 farms, the old water mill, the many walls of slate and the old cork and holm oaks, which are characteristic for the area.
The purity of the nature invites you to enjoy and to explore.


You can explore the domain by using the old trails, laid out by the original residents. On your journey, you will discover a very diverse landscape of hills and vales, via rocks and a murmuring river.
Every spot offers you a different and unique view. A number of these beautiful spots have been set up as resting spot, so that you can optimally enjoy the endless time.

Biologic label

Casa Azimute has collaborated with a local agriculture engineer. The cows that are present from November until April take care of the maintenance of the domain.
The animals can walk around freely in a large area. This contributes to the wellness of the animals and the quality of the product with a biologic label.
In addition, we bring back life to a domain that had been abandoned for decades, allowing us to return to its origins.