Casa Azimute

Steps City Magazine
16 april

The mix between tradition and design. Full article in the Belgian ´Steps City Magazine´ of April 2018. Or read here.

Boa Cama Boa Mesa
16 april

Hidden in 28 hectares of nature, Casa Azimute surprises with its simplicity and elegant, contemporary design. It´s the cover of the 2018 edition of the guide Guia Boa Cama Boa Mesa.

SIC Notícias
16 april

As city of many kings and queens of Portugal, Estremoz is presented with his very rich heritage. There are accommodation and dining options that are worth knowing. Casa Azimute, featured in the Boa Vida program at SIC Notícias. Watch the video here.

16 april

Serene, elegant and in the middle of nature: Casa Azimute offers the best holiday experience. Read the featured article on the Gessato website.